Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bad Breath 101: Do You Need Help from a Guelph Dentist to Handle it?

As much as nobody likes bad breath (halitosis), it is unfortunately quite common. Although precise epidemiological data is a bit scarce, several studies have suggested that bad breath may fall close behind dental cavities and gum disease as the foremost reasons for visiting a dentist in Guelph and nearby areas. Bad breath isn’t exactly a pressing medical problem, per se. It’s neither fatal nor a harbinger of deadlier underlying diseases you might not know about just yet. The problem is: halitosis can still be extremely embarrassing and socially limiting, which can seriously harm anyone’s self-esteem and overall emotional state—they don’t like the idea of social gatherings because bad breath might let them and other people down. Now that is a problem definitely worth fixing.

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